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Bipolar Inflammaging (Smartphone) Study

We are conducting a study comparing the changes of brain functioning by age and over time between people with bipolar disorder and people without the disorder. We want to find out if inflammatory function markers called cytokines and different emotional states can predict cognitive changes over time in individuals with bipolar disorder. 

Currently Recruiting

What the study involves:

Initial screening visit and three separate visits in a two-week period (about 10 hours total). Home visits are available.

During each visit we will conduct:

  • Clinical interview
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Blood draw (15mL)

The study will also involve:

  • Use of smartphone device
  • Wearing an activity-monitor watch

Bipolar participants will complete the study over four years.
Non-bipolar participants will complete the study over two years.

Inclusion criteria

Bipolar Group:
  • Bipolar I Disorder Diagnosis
  • Ages 35-60 years old
  • English speaker

Non-Bipolar Group:
  • Ages 35-60 years old
  • NO history of psychotropic medication use 
  • NO family history of Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression, or Schizophrenia 
Call for further eligibility criteria




  • Participants will receive up to $165 for each year of participation in the study